Bone Health Talks

We can help you prevent bone loss and fractures.

Healthy Bones for LifeTM teaches people what osteoporosis is, how it’s diagnosed and treated, and what steps they can take to stay strong and independent for life. Our trained Peer Educators share the latest in bone health with audiences small and large.

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About the skeleton

  • Bone development over the ages
  • Bone structure and bone remodeling
  • Primary and secondary osteoporosis
  • Medicine and medications that cause bone loss

Preventing bone loss and fractures: calcium and vitamin D

  • RDAs 
  • Foods and supplements – knowing how to calculate intake
  • Best way to get vitamin D

Preventing bone loss and fractures: exercise and physical activity

  • How exercise benefits bone health
  • What exercises are best for the skeleton
  • Precautions to take in exercise programs and daily activities
  • Posture, strength and balance basics
  • How to prevent falls and fractures

Fracture risk and bone density

  • T-scores
  • Fracture risk
  • Deciding on treatments

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