Faces of Osteoporosis

American Bone Health and the California Department of Health Services worked with photographer Amelia Davis to capture the essence of men, women, and children living with osteoporosis. 

A word from California Senator Dianne Feinstein

Perry Ann, Age 40

Osteoporosis—a disease for older people. Or so I thought. I’ve done thousands of weight-bearing reps in the gym; I’ve climbed many mountains, including a few

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Renea, Age 52

Osteoporosis a disease of the bone that I, along with many others, associated with the elderly. Especially those who had visual signs of the disease—a

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Kristi, Age 35

I’m 34 years old, the youngest of seven children. I’m a Caucasian female, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and small framed at five feet three.

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Howard, Age 82

I was born in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. I grew up with five brothers and four sisters, sharing a small five-room house with no running

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Edith, Age 71

I am a retired registered nurse. I was born and grew up in China. Through my work I have seen patients with severe osteoporosis, some

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Ruthie, Age 73

Like many people visiting Hawaii I didn’t have a clue about the dangers of body surfing, but one day in my forties I was hit

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