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The following resources contain facts about bone health and osteoporosis which you can share with family, friends and your community.

We’re proud to be at the forefront in improving bone health in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

In cooperation with American Bone Health, we’ve partnered with health care agencies, civic organizations and nonprofits in our community to build healthy bones and reduce osteoporosis-related fracture rates.

PowerPoint Presentation

Improving Bone Health [30-Year One Pager]

Healthy Bones Coalition Bookmark

Healthy Bones Coalition Bookmark [Similar to what Kathleen shared during December 2019 retreat in 

St. Petersburg with Healthy Bones Coalition logo and language with local contact name, phone number 

and email address. Could also localize with Tampa-area statistics.]

Save the Date Card

Save the Date Card

[Branded, customizable document for upcoming events in the Greater Tampa Bay Area with main 

contact information/microsite link. Images can include diversity of people engaging in healthy activities 

or meeting with physician or healthcare provider.]


Note: Color scheme should be similar to branding of American Bone Health.

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