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10-Year Fracture Risk Calculator Version 2.1

The American Bone Health Fracture Risk Calculator™
estimates fracture risk for women and men over age 45.

About the Fracture Risk Calculator

Certain factors can put you at risk of breaking a bone. Did your mother break her hip? Do you smoke? Have you had cancer or thyroid disease? The American Bone Health Fracture Risk Calculator asks you a set of questions to help you figure out your level of risk. Then you can talk to your doctor about the steps you should take to keep your bones strong and prevent fractures. Just complete the survey and click on “Calculate Risk” to see how likely you might be to break a bone in the next 10 years.


General questions about you

  • How old are you? (nearest year) ?

    Are you a man or a woman?

  • What race and ethnicity do you most consider fits you?

    What is your current height? ?

    What is your current weight? ?

    Are you taking a prescription medicine for osteoporosis?

    List of FDA approved medicines

Factors that can increase your risk

    Do you currently smoke tobacco? ?

    Do you regularly have >2 alcoholic drinks a day? ?

    Have you ever taken prednisone or steroid pills for 3 months or longer? ?

    Do you have rheumatoid arthritis? ?

Medical conditions that can increase your risk

  • Check all that apply. (For more information click the “?”)

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Fracture history

    Has your mother or father had a hip fracture? ?

    Have you broken bones with little impact, such as a trip or fall from level ground, since age 45? ?

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