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List of Foods with Calcium & Vitamin D

For strong bones, girls need plenty of calcium and vitamin D and lots of physical activity every day.

The amount of calcium in a food may be a little more or a little less than what is listed on this chart. This is because different brands sometimes have slightly different ingredients. Check the food label to see how much calcium is in the food.

Aim for 1,300 milligrams or 130% of the % Daily Value (%DV) every day. 

Food Portion Milligrams
Star. Fat free 1 cup 306
Star. Lactose reduced, fat free 1 cup 300
Star. 1% low fat 1 cup 290
Star. Plain, fat free 8 ounces 452
Star. Fruit, low fat 8 ounces 343
Star. Frozen yogurt, vanilla, soft serve 1/2 cup 103
Star. Pasteurized process Swiss 2 ounces 438
Ricotta, part skim 1/2 cup 335
Pasteurized process American 2 ounces 323
Mozzarella, part skim 1.5 ounces 311
Fortified foods
Star. Soy drink with added calcium 1 cup 368
Star. Orange juice with added calcium 1 cup 300
Star. Tofu with added calcium 1/2 cup 253
Star. Cereal with added calcium 1 ounce 236-1043
Star. Cereal bar with added calcium 1 bar 200
Bread with added calcium 1 slice 100
Whole-grain tortilla with added calcium 1 tortilla 40
Collards, cooked from frozen 1/2 cup 178
Kale, cooked from frozen 1/2 cup 90
Bok choy, cooked from fresh 1/2 cup 79
Broccoli, cooked or fresh 1 cup 61
Other foods
Soybeans, green, cooked 1/2 cup 130
White beans, canned 1/2 cup 96
Almonds, dry roasted 1 ounce 75
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