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Be a Peer Educator

Our peer educators form the backbone of American Bone Health. These trained volunteers represent American Bone Health on the front lines in their own communities, and we support them every step of the way. Do you love to get out and meet new people? Are you an engaging public speaker? And are you interested in providing important health information for all ages? If so, then we need your help. Sign up today to join our team of caring, passionate and dedicated peer educators.

Peer educators receive 9 hours of training to prepare them to share information at events including workshops, health fairs and screenings. They learn how to promote lifelong bone health and are kept up to date on the latest scientific findings about osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Peer educators commit to serve for a minimum of one year and will participate in either two Signature Events or one Signature Event and one Community Talk. The time commitment is about 12 hours per year.

In addition to helping others, peer educators build valuable professional relationships in the bone health community, gain leadership experience and organizational skills, and build knowledge in areas ranging from physical activity and nutrition to public health and disease management.

Click here to join the American Bone Health team.

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